Kelly Osbourne Calls Off Her Engagement, Immediately Gets Her Graffiti On With Justin Bieber

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Some mornings I wake up and am convinced that every celebrity in Hollywood is conspiring to utterly confuse me. Unfortunately for them, things that confuse me also tend to entertain me beyond belief. And there's nothing that confuses/entertains me more than an unlikely celebrity hangout session. This morning the gods of weirdness brought me these photos of Kelly Osbourne doing graffiti with Justin Bieber after announcing her breakup from her luscious-haired fiancé Matthew Mosshart.

Kelly's reps told Us Weekly about the split yesterday, saying it was "amicable" and all the other boring things my cold black heart doesn't want to hear when two celebrities break up. Then last night Kelly posted photos to her Instagram of her bizarre graffiti party with a young diaper-wearing lad by the name of Justin Bieber. Much like Bieber's recent Segway ride with Selena Gomez, this latest encounter has prompted me to ask the tough questions, specifically "What?" and "Huh?" and "Whyyyy??"

Kelly captioned one of the photos: "Just had so much fun getting lessons from @justinbieber on how to #SprayPaint! Needless to say I was shit all I did was the horns! Justin is a lovely boy and have turned me into a true #Belieber tonight!" I'm still not totally sure why they're together or where they're spray-painting that googly-eyed turtle (hopefully somewhere legal) or what I did so right in life to deserve these pictures.

If Justin and Selena weren't busy having sleepover parties, I'd think maybe he and Kelly were embroiled in some kind of graffiti love affair. Sure, they're ten years apart, but age is but a number for Bieber, who's already had rumored hookups with older ladies. Either that or now that he's retired from music he's spending his free time working as a graffiti therapist: "Step into my office. Grab a can and spray paint away your troubles. The only payment I'll accept is in tiny hairs I can add to my mustache. I'm gluing them on one by one. I should be halfway there by the summer."

(Photos: Instagram)