Kelly Clarkson’s Game of Thrones Christmas Card Is the Best Present You’ll Get This Year

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Winter is coming, but Kelly Clarkson isn't scared. She's too busy making badass Christmas cards. This year Kelly and her family channeled their inner Starks for a Game of Thrones card that puts all others to shame. Decked out in vintage Scottish attire (which would also make for some awesome Outlander cosplay), Kelly poses with husband Brandon Blackstock, daughter River, and her two stepchildren in front of an impressive looking castle.

“Merry Christmas from the Blackstocks” reads the card which also has the Stark family sigil, the direwolf, and their motto “Winter Is Coming”.  The whole family does their best serious faces except for River who continues her adorable streak by giving a big smile or as Kelly puts it #riverisnotworried. In addition to securing Kelly's spot as best stepmom ever, the card provides a good Game of Thrones related distraction from the endless speculation on whether Jon Snow is dead or not.



Your family's card of you all dressed in khaki shorts and white shirts at the beach is looking particularly lame right now, isn't it?

Kelly will have a new face to add to the Christmas card next holiday season. She recently announced she is expecting a baby boy early next year on Instagram with a shot of River and the message, “In other news, River's gonna have a little baby brother 🙂 #itsaboy We're so excited!.” Some are saying the use of “Winter is Coming” in the Christmas card should be taken literally and hints at a baby name for the new addition. That may be a little bit of stretch, but there's no denying Game of Thrones baby names are definitely hot right now. So it's entirely possible Kelly will go the Westeros route when choosing a name. Just please don't name him Ramsay.