Kelly Clarkson Made Her Own Super Bowl Commercial with Daughter River and It’s Seriously Adorable

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Kelly Clarkson may be a super talented, gracious, funny, and generally awesome human being, but she knows who the real star in her family is- daughter River Rose. So when Kelly needed to promote a new secret project she knew just the person to star in the promo for it.

Kelly first teased the new project on Instagram asking fans, “What's magical, fun and an escape for everyone?” Her second clue was a teaser photo that River would be helping mom out with the surprise. Then for her Clue #3 we got an adorable video of River primping in front of a mirror with the tagline, “She's coming…The DIVA has arrived”. River definitely upped the cute factor lounging in a fluffy robe and flashing a to die for grin. Kelly explained that since they couldn't afford a Super Bowl commercial, the video with River would have to work and it did. The clip was a lot better than most of the ads that aired last night and definitely didn't cost Kelly $5 million, although I'm sure River negotiated for a pretty good paycheck.



We don't know exactly what Kelly is teasing with the ad and she hasn't revealed when she'll let us in on the secret. So what could it be? A new TV special? Kelly taking fans to the most magical place on Earth- Disney? Or is it all just a really elaborate invitation to River's second birthday in June? Let's just hope it wasn't Kelly using all that Super Bowl buzz to announce a new world tour because that would be awkward.

(Photo: Instagram)