Watch Kelly Clarkson Adorably Announce That She’s Pregnant During A Concert

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Kelly Clarkson pregnancy announcement August 2015

In a summer filled to the brim with celebrity breakups and Donald Trump's existence, it's important to focus on the happy stuff. Like, for example, the news that Kelly Clarkson is pregnant with her second child with husband Brandon Blackstock. Kelly announced it last night to the crowd of 20,000 people during a concert in Los Angeles. She wasn't planning to announce it, but her hormones got the better of her. Watching video from the concert is way better than just reading a publicist's statement or a quote from an anonymous source, but it's also not as annoying as some of those those highly produced pregnancy announcements. It's just real, like Kelly herself.

It all started while Kelly was performing her song “Piece By Piece,” which contrasts her strained relationship with her father against her husband's relationship with their daughter River. Kelly started crying, so she decided to explain her emotional reaction to the crowd, saying, “I was not planning on announcing this but I'm totally pregnant.” She said that she didn't want the audience to think she was crazy for her response to performing the song. She explained that she's been feeling “hormonal,” adding that it's “totally not how I wanted to announce that.” Of course the crowd went wild.

I totally love how spontaneous Kelly's announcement was, but after seeing her sing ridiculous Tinder profiles on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, I can't help but think how amazing it would have been if she'd sung the news. She could do it in different styles. “I was not planning on announcing this” could have a country twang, and then “but I'm totally pregnant” could be a rousing gospel tune. I'm not saying she should reannounce it at her next concert, but she should totally reannounce it at her next concert.