Kelly Clarkson Goes Country For Her New Single And I Kinda Dig It!

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Kelly Clarkson Tie It Up single cover artworkLike a little black dress or having breakfast for dinner, Kelly Clarkson is one of those classics that never goes out of style. Sure, she got famous from American Idol, but she's stayed famous because she's the little powerhouse that could. She may not be the trendiest person to be into, but I don't give a care, okay?! Because girl can SANG. It's also worth noting that Kelly won the show back in 2002…which makes me feel two things: 1. old and 2. impressed, because she's been performing and recording ever since.

But in all that time, she's never done a legit country song, which was kind of an untapped field in my opinion, due to the richness of her voice. If singers are like alcohols, Kelly is a dark bourbon, straight from Kentucky, which is why I'm totally down with the fact that her newest single, ‘Tie It Up', has a decidedly country twang. Wanna listen to it and see for yourself? You bet you do.

It definitely doesn't sound like the Kelly I'm used to, but I actually really like it! The theme is weddings, which is fitting, since Kelly herself got engaged last year, to Brandon Blackstock, Reba McIntire‘s stepson. Yeah, Reba McIntire. Maybe you've heard of her? She's kinda somebody in the country scene, so maybe she's been lending Kelly some cred. (Sorry guys, I'm using really weird terminology in this post. I think I might be hungry.) It's pretty catchy, though, and even though it doesn't give Kelly a real chance to show off her crazy belting range, I have high hopes for her country crossover in the future. Plus I think Carrie Underwood is still hanging on to that ‘Most Successful American Idol Alum' Award, so it's about time you dipped into this fanbase and started trying to catch up! Let's get this tied up!


‘Tie It Up' will be available on iTunes beginning June 25th.