Kelly Clarkson Brought Everyone To Tears With Her American Idol Performance Last Night

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Kelly Clarkson Brought Everyone to Tears With Her American Idol Performance Last Night kelly clarkson american idol 640x350 jpg

Sorry to the final 10 contestants on American Idol, but it’s hard to beat the original. Especially when the original is Kelly Clarkson. The singer returned to the stage where she was crowned the first Idol winner back in that far away time of 2002 last night for the show’s final season. In the process, she brought everyone, we mean everyone, to tears. And not because they were just excited to see Kelly Clarkson, though I wouldn’t blame anyone for bursting into tears when they saw her, she’s kind of awesome. No, the waterworks came courtesy of Kelly’s emotional performance of her song “Piece by Piece.” The deeply personal song was written by Kelly (who is currently expecting her second child) about her absentee father. In the song she thanks husband Brandon Blackstock for being “the complete opposite of how my father was.”

With judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez both shedding tears during Kelly’s performance, she too became overwhelmed and had to take a few moments to collect herself during the song. Afterwards, she later told Ryan Seacrest, “I’m pregnant and nostalgic, and I can’t believe it’s the last season. And, yeah, I’m really sorry I just bawled. I’m actually quite proud that I made it that far.” She explained that “It’s just a touching song for me, because I wrote it about my little girl when I was pregnant, and now I’m pregnant with my little boy- which I hope comes out very soon.” Considering the blubbering messes it made people who are not pregnant, I’d say Kelly handled herself extremely well.

Watch the performance below knowing it’s Friday and, if need be, you have the whole weekend to recover.


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