Video: Watch 10 Years Of Kelly Clarkson’s Career In 4 Minutes At The 2012 AMAs

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Kelly Clarkson American Music Awards AMAs 2012 performance video "Since U Been Gone" "Stronger" forgot lyrics

The 2012 American Music Awards kicked off with a burning question: What is Kelly Clarkson doing performing? And why is she singing “Miss Independent,” which wasn't that well-received back in 2003? Still, part of tonight's performance was a major nostalgia-fest, with stars like Kelly (and Linkin Park) who were famous ten years ago revisiting their fame.

It's crazy, but it's been 10 years since Kelly was a contestant on American Idol; Randy Jackson, one of the show's then-judges, introduced her AMAs performance. It was really sweet how she wore her Idol contestant number even though the rest of her was a far cry from the apple-cheeked brunette who wandered onto the judges' stage. (Although she loses the number at one point, which made it a little more calculated.) Still, her voice seemed to hold out enough to keep fans psyched as they listened to a medley of her greatest hits—plus, it got her trending on Twitter! That's how you know that she's still got a fanbase even though Twitter didn't even exist during the peak of her career.

There were also new singles like “Catch My Breath,” to keep Kelly relevant. Personally, I prefer stuff like “Stronger,” so I was glad to see her return to those kinds of upbeat, can't-break-me-down hits. Of course, more than one fan noticed on Tumblr that Kelly missed a few words. It's not a Kelly Clarkson performance unless she forgets her lyrics, one snarked. Watch the video and see if you can find where she slipped up.

Photo: ubetchakc (Tumblr)