Kellen Lutz Covers GQ in His Undies, Girls Across America Faint

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I've been putting up a lot of photos of attractive men today. Plus, Fashion Week's coming up soon and male models are wandering outside our offices, hopping around from casting to casting. All of this is to say: you should all probably envy me and the (very important) stuff I do for work — like troll around for photos of Kellen Lutz shirtless on the cover of GQ Australia.

The 26-year-old model/actor discussed some of his workout techniques for the magazine. Evidently he's quite the exercise Renaissance Man: “I run, I swim, I play paddleball, basketball, do some mixed martial arts. I like mixing this up.”

This photo's a little confusing to me. Whose leg is that? Is that Kellen's leg? That can't be Kellen's leg, can it? Is it another model's leg? But of which gender? Oh my god, is it my leg?

Hey, you guys, that's my leg. Pretty cool, huh?