What’s Wrong With Tarzan 3D Star Kellan Lutz’s Face?

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At a recent promotional appearance for his new movie Tarzan 3D, the normally dashing Kellan Lutz looked to be a little bit off his handsomeness game.

The trouble came from his facial region, which as you can see, had a curious two-toned appearance. Looking through the photos, I can even pinpoint the exact moment at which he caught a glimpse of himself in a photographer's lens and went “oh shit”:

Did Mr. Lutz apply his bronzer incorrectly, or did some competing heartthrob slip his makeup artist a twenty to sabotage him? (I've got my eye on you, Channing Tatum.) In any case, he's still attractive in that musclebound, rakish way he pulls off so well. Let's pretend he got that weird tan while he was surfing. Ruggedly.

(Via ONTD)