Keith Urban Talks About Sexting Nicole Kidman After Falling Victim To An Ellen Mind Trick

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Keith Urban Talks About Sexting Nicole Kidman After Falling Victim To An Ellen Mind Trick Keith Urban Ellen sexting Nicole Kidman jpg

When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to start looking at Keith Urban as my very own awkward celebrity dad, but sometimes surprising things happen in this world. Country singer and Nicki/Mariah feud survivor Keith went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and fell victim to Ellen’s powers as an interview svengali. Seriously, Ellen can get anyone to talk about or do anything, from the people on her staff to the celebrities who sit in her armchair. In this case she got Keith Urban to talk about sexting his wife Nicole Kidman. What ensues is a lot of uncomfortable dialogue that will make you feel like you’re at a social gathering listening to your dad overshare with the neighbors.

Ellen asks Keith a simple enough question about whether or not he and Nicole text to keep in touch while they’re working. He starts out with a definite “We never text,” and then Ellen must do some sort of mind trick on him, because he changes his story and mutters, “Maybe one text… maybe one cool kind of… a year… one of those kind of texts.” Ellen shakes her head in hilarious bewilderment as he struggles to explain himself without using the word “sex.” Eventually she gets the truth out of him.

In addition to giving me a bad case of the second-hand embarrassments, this video also reveals that Keith Urban does not know the phrase “sexting.” He first calls it “nice sex texting,” which I must admit is rather delightful if incredibly awkward. Then he decides to coin his own word for it: setexting. Or satexting. I’m not sure how Keith wants it spelled when it gets its entry in the Oxford-English Dictionary. Since Ellen has subjected Keith to enough embarrassment for the sake of a wacky interview, she goes along with his new word, even though I’m fairly certain Ellen knows what sexting is. Ellen knows all.