Keira Knightley Is Not Too Pretty For Movies, Just For Everyday Normal Life

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keira knightley too pretty graham norton show interviewAnother day, another story about an actress who's just ugly enough to act. Today's homely actress is the incredibly gross Keira Knightley. You may know her from from Pride and Prejudice or Atonement or the bottom of your trash can.

According to an interview she did with Graham Norton, director Joe Wright almost didn't cast her in Pride and Prejudice because he feared she would be too pretty for the role. That her beauty would outshine even the brightest of set lights and distract from the entire movie. That the audience would be distraught by the fact that an earth angel's trapped behind a movie theater screen.

Then, luckily enough for Keira, Joe Wright met her and realized that she's nowhere near as beautiful as he originally thought.

“Excuse me troll,” he's rumored to have said to her during their first meeting, “how much must I pay to cross this bridge.”

“Mr. Wright, it's me Keira, Keira Knightley,” she responded hesitantly

“Oh heavens! You're a monster. With a perfectly symmetrical face and a stunning jawline. But a monster nonetheless. Come here your foul creature and let me cast you in my movie.”

So yeah, Keira Knightley almost lost out on a role due to a photogenic photo, or two, or several. And while we're happy she got the chance to show off her ugly mug in person, it's upsetting to think of all the other decrepit ladies who are losing out on parts because somewhere out there, there's a photo, or two, or several where they look too beautiful to play a leading lady. Hollywood! A place where the bar for women is set too high and too low all at the same time.

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