Keira Knightley Says People Mistake Her For Britney Spears, Aka She Has Lost Her Mind

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No but seriously, what are you smoking?

No but seriously, what are you smoking?

Keira Knightley says she's sometimes mistaken for Britney Spears by fans, and I can't tell if that makes me more worried about her, or you guys.

There is no way that's happening, right? I mean RIGHT?!?! Keira doesn't look anything like Britney — like, not even a little bit. Keira is a literal waif, so if she was curled up correctly, she could probably fit like one-and-a-half to two versions of herself inside Britney. Plus they don't have anywhere close to the same fashion sense — while Britney favors (painted on) abs-baring belly tops, Keira can most often be found in a restricting corset and towering wig, drifting around the set of some period piece somewhere.

AND YET. When Keira went on The Graham Norton Show recently, she says fans (that's right, plural fans) have approached her thinking that she's the pop star:

“I get quite excited because I quite like the idea that I could do all that [mimes shimmying], which I can’t do. So I’ve been Britney Spears like three times.”

So what you're telling me right now is that you've actually pretended to be Britney Spears on three different occasions, and you've gotten away with it? Even with that pesky British accent thing, and the fact that if you were to dance, your elbow would likely put someone's eye out? WHAT IS HAPPENING YOU GUYS. Please don't be so excited to meet a celebrity that you become temporarily blind and go rushing about, sucking air and shouting names.

Know the difference between Keira Knightley and Britney Spears, errybody, or I'm going to have to report you to the proper authorities to get your pop culture credentials revoked. That's a threat.

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