Keira Knightley’s Views On Feminism Will Brighten Your Monday Morning

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Keira Knightley wearing a Rodarte dress at charity event December 2013 close up

It seems like 2013 was the Year of Celebrity Feminism Debates, doesn't it?  Of course 2013 was also the Year I Finally Hopped on the Breaking Bad Train, but we're not here to talk about me.  No, right now we're here to talk about Keira Knightley and her applause-worthy comments about feminism to Harper's Bazaar.  After disparaging thoughts and attitudes on the topic from celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, and Farrah Abraham (ughhh), it's refreshing when we hear positive, feminist thoughts from respectable women in Hollywood:

”I think it's great, what's happening at the moment, I think it's great that the discussions are finally being allowed to be had, as opposed to anybody mentioning feminism and everybody going, ‘oh, ‘expletive' shut up'.  Somehow, it became a dirty word. I thought it was really weird for a long time, and I think it's great we're coming out of that.”

I haven't started a slow clap since I was a high school cheerleader (shut up) and pretended to be interested in football games, so let me just go ahead and start one now.  Sadly, she's totally right about “feminism” being a “dirty word.”  It's a shame that talking about feminism or identifying yourself as a feminist is taboo in Hollywood.  Why is equality between genders still considered controversial?  I don't understand.  I can only hope that Keira's right –  that ignorance about feminism is to blame, and with knowledge will come power.  One good way to get females to gain knowledge is for celebrities like Keira Knightley keep the dialogue going.

She also gave insight into the sexism that's still quite prevalent in Hollywood, which isn't surprising but still depressing just the same.  She explained that the number of female roles compared to male roles is far from equal, and expressed her desire for more opportunities for women in Hollywood: “Hollywood has a really long way to go. I don't think that anybody can deny that, really, and I think as much as you are getting more women playing lead roles… they're still pretty few and far between.”

All I can really say is the if feminist celebrities help other women learn about what it means to be a feminist, and the more people realize it's not about bra-burning or attacking other women's views on the subject or demonizing men, the less reserved we'll all feel about discussing it.

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