Ke$ha Claims She’s Neither Straight Nor Gay…So Does that Mean She’s Bisexual?

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In an interview with Out, new pop singer Ke$ha opened up a bit about music, but remained cryptic about her romantic life.sipaphotostwo595664-NY-Z100-S-JINGL

She revealed how she got hooked on to listening to dance records, “My mom wrote country music, so I listened to a lot of country, and my brother listened to punk, so he gave me Fugazi records. To rebel, I started listening to dance!”

Some buzz has been going around that Ke$ha is likely bisexual because of this: “I like people. I wouldn’t say I’m gay or straight – I don’t like labeling things anyway. I just like people.”

Big deal. Anyways, as far as musical influences go, she named a few pretty great artists including Madonna, Prince and Cindy Lauper. She also discussed how she came about being in Katy Perry’s music video for “I Kissed a Girl.”

She says that she and Katy were working with the same people before they broke into the industry. Katy asked her to be in the video but Ke$ha had no idea it’d be so big.

Image: Newscom