Video: Ke$ha Goes All Sarah McLachlan And Urges Us To Save Baby Seals

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There are many reasons why this commercial of Ke$ha (on behalf of the Humane Society) begging us to save baby seals just doesn't work.

1. There's no music. Part of what makes the Sarah McLachlan TV spots so gutwrenching is her lilting “In the Arms of the Angels” playing alongside big-eyed puppies. Obviously “Your Love is My Drug” wouldn't be appropriate here, but then that begs the question of why the Humane Society reached out to her in the first place.

2. At one point in the video, she sounds drugged and her voice just trails off. You gotta sell it, sweetie.

3. They didn't show us any gore. Sorry to say, I think the only way to get people caring about seal clubbing is to thrust the ugly, bloody pictures at people. Only then does it become real and they want to rally to action.

What I will give her is that Ke$ha's been doing this since at least April 2011, when she partnered with PETA to help save the fluffy little guys. So at least there's some sincerity to it.