The 15 Best Tweets From People Watching The Season Finale Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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So, you want to know what happened on the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? No problem–just pick up some copies of US Weekly from the last few months. That's right, the Kardashians were shameless enough to recycle plot lines in their season finale. But yeah, just to recap briefly, Kylie Jenner had a sweet sixteen, Rob Kardashian is fat and sad about it, and Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are having marital issues. Literally, that's all we learned this week.

But even if the Kardashians cannot be counted on to provide us with new material, there's always the Twitterverse. So here we go, here are 15 of my favorite tweets from all of my fellow KUWTK season finale watchers.

Solid complaint. What happened to the Jenner takeover?

How much did Kris Jenner pay you to tweet that? No, really.

Yeah, I sort of agree with this. By having Khloe indirectly talk about the problems she's having with Lamar without giving us any concrete answers, it only makes me think all the stuff we've been reading in the tabloids is true.

Love me some Kardashian drinking games. I like to take one every time Kourtney nags Scott.

Have you considered taking a shot instead?

Teaching a lesson? You must have a the wrong show. The Kardashians can be counted on to do something stupid, though.

I mean, yeah. The girl is a fashion icon. Haven't you ever seen her Tumblr?!

I'm going to frame this and put it on my wall.

I think that has been put on hold now that North West is around. Kris can probably make a lot more money off of her.

That must be nice. My boyfriend refuses to enter my apartment when KUWTK is on.

Please, Rob, go one. Tell Brody more about this “soap” you speak of.

Solid point. Doesn't deter me from watching, though. Solid point. Doesn't deter me from watching, though.

If you think 25 percent of America likes the Kardashians, I'd say that's pretty generous.

Uhh, the Kardashian Family Christmas Special, duh. See you all then!

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