5 Ways To YOLO Like Brody Jenner On KUWTK

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Brody Jenner Kendall Jenner ON A Boat

This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians marked night two of the Kardashian-Jenner trip to Greece, and YOLO (You Only Live Once) was definitely the family vacay motto. Whether they were boating, sunbathing, talking, eating, blinking, breathing, or whatever it was all because, like, YOLO.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian led the movement. Apparently they've made some kind of YOLO pact, but they could have fooled me, since they didn't really do much that seemed that YOLO-worthy. There was that one moment when they jumped off their yacht and into the water, which I'll admit seemed like a pretty high jump from where I was sitting (that would be on my couch, of course). But other than that, they tanned, they made fun of Kris Jenner's horrible Betty Boop wig, Kourtney complained about Scott Disck, and Khloe got those wannabe-cornrow braids things that I thought were the coolest thing ever in middle school. All and all, for girls who claim to have made YOLO their motto, they didn't seem very up for taking a risk.

The Jenners on the other hand, were totally living the YOLO life. Those crazy kids were cliff  jumping, waterskiing, and doing some crazy fun looking wind surfing thing. Brandon Jenner and wife Leah Jenner get extra YOLO points for actually leaving the resort area and exploring Greece.

But the real YOLO master this week was Brody Jenner. This may have been part of his evil plan to overtake the Kardashian empire, but I kinda just think he's a mad man risk taker who cannot be controlled. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here are the top 5 most YOLO-worthy moments from the Brodster, ranked from least to most daring.

5. Remember that gigantic yacht I mentioned earlier that Kourtney and Khloe worked up the nerve to jump off of? Yeah, forget jumping. Brody went off the thing backwards and did some super graceful back flip swan dive thing before hitting the water. It was kind of incredible. Like, seriously Bruce, why don't you pull some Olympian strings and get this kid on the U.S. diving team? I'm now totally convinced he has the talent. #YOLO

4. Brody was counting on Rob Kardashian to be his wing man and Kris-Jenner-buffer for the trip, but after Rob bailed because of his body issues, Brody is forced to cling to Brandon and Leah to stay sane. But when Brandon and Leah decided they wanted to break off from the family and get some private romantic time in, Brody had to fend for himself with the Kardashian Klan while they spent the day at sea. That's right, he agreed to be held captive all day with no escape route in sight. Talk about ballsy. And he definitely could have used an escape route when Kris Jenner insisted on lathering him up with sunblock and telling him how his back looked just like Bruce's when he was young. But Brody totally handled it because #YOLO

3. Brody totally threw manners to the wind by telling Kourtney that Scott was a loser for not coming on the entire trip. Scott has spent the last few days making appearances in London and plans to meet up with the family later because he just can't stand to spend too much time with the family. I know that hating on Scott is kind of a favorite Kardashian past time, so this may not seem like the riskiest thing in the world, but considering that Brody repeatedly admits he doesn't have much of a relationship with this family, it seems a bit presumptuous to me to just come in and start insulting someone's relationship. #YOLO

2. But Scott wasn't the only family member that Brody called out this week. He also really let Kris have it when she confronted him about the obvious tension between the two of them. Brody told Kris that he had serious problems with her parenting and, I quote, that Kris had never given two shits about he and Brandon. And just for good measure, he tells Kris that her priorities are totally out of whack; she only cares about things, and it's total BS that she claims to care about making her children happy. To which I can only say, ouch. And, of course, #YOLO

1. What could be more YOLO-tastic than giving Kris Jenner the verbal bitch slap to end all bitch slaps? Oh, I don't know, how about convincing someone to name her kid after an intermediate direction. That's right, forget that crap they tried to tell us that little North is the peak of their existence, or whatever nonsensical explanation they tried to pull. It was totally Brody who suggested the name. After Kim wakes up from the nap she decided was more interesting than sight-seeing in Greece, Brody tells Kim, “I'm feeling the name North West” prompting Kourtney to jump on the bandwagon and be like, “Oh yeah, that's totally cute.” Then Kim admits that she can't name her baby a K name because she's worried people will refer to herself, Kanye, and the baby as the KKK, and the rest is history (Kim also throws in that Kanye is sure to love his baby because he's a narcissist so how could he not love something with his genes, which seemed like a fair point). I'm sure Brody has since felt a bit of remorse for ruining the poor kid's life. But then he likely remembered Kris's awkward rub down and was like, whatevs. #YOLO.

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