Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Jenners Are Taking Over And Brody Jenner Is Leading The Charge

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Brody Keeping up With The Kardashians

While watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians this week, I realized that the Jenner family is totally plotting to takeover the Kardashian empire, starting with the family's beloved reality show. No really, it's true. Even if we give Kris Jenner to Team Kardashian–which, let's face it, is definitely the team she'd prefer to be on–Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob still have Team Jenner's Bruce, Kendall, Kylie, Brandon and Brody to compete with for air time on the show.

And this week, the Jenner's definitely won the air-time battle, with Brody Jenner's father-son drama with Bruce totally taking center stage. Throughout the history of the show, Bruce Jenner has been portrayed as the lovable, dutiful dad who's always there to support his crazy family. But on this episode we learned that while Bruce may be Dad of the Year in the Kardashian household, he totally dropped the ball when it came to being there for he and his second wife Linda Thompson's son Brody.

There seems to be about six millions sides to this story. Bruce claims his messy divorce drama with Linda made it really tough for him to be around his kids. Brody says that Mama Thompson never said a bad word about Bruce and that he's the only one who really missed out on having a relationship with his father. Brody's brother Brandon Jenner says that he also missed out on having Papa Bruce around when he was younger but then changes his mind and says that Brody's the only one who really missed out.

Regardless of what actually went down, the point is that Brody is really hurt that he doesn't have a better relationship with his father. And just to add insult to injury, step-sister Kim Kardashian lets slip to him that Kris Jenner was ready to be done having babies after Kendall was born, but Bruce insisted on having another because he loved being a father so much.

Bruce and Brody spend the whole episode complaining to various Kardashian and Jenner family members about their strained relationship, and every person they talk to gives them the same advice: maybe they should, you know, talk about their issues with each other.

The two finally do sit down at the end of the episode, and their conversation is totally anticlimactic. Brody tells Bruce that he's not mad or resentful of his dad and his relationship with his other kid. Really? Well, that's great to hear, but then why have you been talking about what a bad father he was to you for the entire episode? Was this all part of your family's plan to steal the Kardashian's spotlight?

And speaking of the Kardashian family, what was going on with them this week? Literally nothing that we weren't already well aware of.  Like did we know that Rob Kardashian has gained 50 lbs and is super embarrassed about his body? Um, yeah, actually we did. Or that the Kardashains are suing their step-mom for selling false stories about their family to the press? Yup, we knew that, too.

Better start dishing up some new dirt, K Klan, or else those pesky Jenners are to run you off of your own show.

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