Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Is The Worst Music Video Of 2012

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Katy Perry s  Part Of Me  Is The Worst Music Video Of 2012 katyperry png

It’s been a great year for terrible music videos. So great, in fact, that it was nigh impossible to pick just one. But after much exhaustive review, I’ve narrowed it down to the worst of the worst. This music video offended me on so many levels I lost count. It does not even belong in a post with the other bad music videos. It is in a league of its own.

Like the headline says, it’s Katy Perry‘s “Part Of Me.” Watch it if you haven’t:

The message of this video is simple: if your boyfriend cheats on you, the most rational course of action is to give yourself an ugly haircut and make a legally binding, life altering, and potentially fatal decision while you are still too emotional to talk yourself out of it. Now go out there and kill some brown people for the American empire. Girl power!

This looked so much like one of those slick army recruitment videos that some wondered if Perry had received money from the US Marine Corps for making it. What’s worse is that this mindless bit of propaganda comes from someone who has no idea what the horrors of war are like. Also: someone who claims to espouse progressive politics. (Then again, so does Barack Obama.) I’m not saying the people who fight in wars aren’t brave and wonderful. I’m saying that war is hardly something to be glorified, especially when the wars we are currently fighting have more to do with securing access to cheap oil than spreading democracy. Also: when the US army relies so heavily on a steady stream of people with few alternative options to populate its ranks.

Joining the marines is hardly a decision to be taken lightly. Kids look up to Katy Perry, so I think she has at least some responsibility to avoid sending them potentially deadly messages. The song is repetitive and annoying, too! It’s for these reasons that I’m naming this the Worst Music Video of 2012, despite its high production values.

Honorable mention goes to Lana Del Rey’s video for “National Anthem,” which I have previously discussed, as it looks like something a film school freshman would make after he started trying too hard to be artsy but before he got torn apart in critique and learned that even avant-garde pieces need to have their own internal logic. (Also: that it helps not to take oneself so fucking seriously.) But shitty politics are way more dangerous than shitty art, so alas, the prize eludes her. Maybe next year!