Katy Perry Showed Up An Hour Late To A Shoot, Then Told Photographers To Eff Off

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Katy Perry Showed Up An Hour Late To A Shoot  Then Told Photographers To Eff Off Katy Perry yelling at photographers at Moschino show February 2014 jpgMan, if you keep Katy Perry near John Mayer for long enough, her own ego starts to get all big and swollen itself, and all of a sudden she thinks she’s some sort of SOMEBODY who can SWEAR at PHOTOGRAPHERS. Sorry. I don’t know what just happened to my caps lock.

Not that Katy’s not great, as we’ve all seen she’s extremely skilled at writing the same  song dozens of times and re-releasing it as new chart-topping hits (or just copying Sara Bareilles in a pinch!), but does she really think she can show up an hour late to a fashion show and then swear at the photographers who have gathered that they may immortalize her image on film?

Katy was apparently booked for an appearance at the Moschino show for Milan Fashion Week, but showed up almost an hour late, walking in a little before 9:00 when she was due to arrive at 8:00. So of course that meant people had to wait around for her and delay the entire show, so they were understandably pissed. Enough so that when she did take the stage, there were boos and jeers from the photographers. Which was pretty rude, yes, but not quite as rude as what Katy did next! (She had a standard to uphold, of course.)

Instead of being gracious and apologizing for wasting everyone’s time, Katy took the liberty of being kind of a pill about it — going to the end of the runway and saying:

“You’re all going to get your picture, so shut the fuck up.”

Oh girrrrrllllll! So sassy! And if you don’t believe me that those words came out of her mouth, here’s the video of the whole thing. Just in case you needed proof that I didn’t just froth this up on a Friday afternoon because there was no news.

My my, Katy! You talk about John Mayer’s brain with that mouth?

(Photo: Jacopo Raule / Getty Images Entertainment)