Katy Perry’s New Lyric Video Shows Us What It’s Like To Text On The Toilet As Katy Perry

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Katy Perry Roar single cover art

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Katy Perry started teasing her new single "Roar" using little videos of herself doing things like burning her blue wig, because she's a serious artist who will no longer dabble in cutesy-pie things like blue wigs and the like? At least, that's what I assumed she was trying to tell us. Well, the single has officially been released, along with a lyric video, and, um, I'm not seeing anything that serious. Unless I somehow missed the mass memo to everyone in the world explaining why POV shots of pop stars on the toilet are serious. Hey, it's totally possible. Sometimes emails with "ATTN ALL HUMAN BEINGS" in the subject line accidentally go to my spam folder.

But yes, you read that correctly, this lyric video does indeed include a shot of Katy Perry on the toilet. From her point of view. Texting. So her phone is now number two (get it? I'm gross) on the list of phones I do not want to touch. Number one is of course the phone Justin Bieber put in his diaper pants. The premise of the video is not simply that Katy Perry sittin' on tha toilet, but rather that she's texting the lyrics to the song back and forth with her friends using as many emojis as possible. But the toilet part really sticks out. For all of you people out there wondering what it's like to be Katy Perry sitting on the toilet texting your own song lyrics to your friends, you are in for quite the adventure, so congratulations on finally achieving your dream.

In other news, I really like this song. Not only does it have a catchy chorus and sections that kind of sound like Katy is cheering at me from the sidelines of a high school football game, but it totally convinces me that I can roar like a lion. There have, however, been comparisons to Sara Bareilles' song "Brave," and I can certainly hear it. There's even a version of the two songs layered over each other. But it's getting to the point where every pop song sounds like another pop song in some sense, and Sara Bareilles doesn't seem to be upset about it. She tweeted a classy response to the controversy, saying "All love." Her video also does not involve a toilet, for what it's worth.

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