Just Turn ‘Katy Perry And The Popcats’ Into A TV Show Already, Hollywood

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Katy Perry Popchips video 2013

Cats are a very popular subject for videos these days (see: the entire Internet), so it's no surprise that Popchips decided to include them in their latest digital short. It's also no surprise that Katy Perry is starring in a video about cats, since I'm pretty sure cats and quirky bras are her top two interests. She called her cat “Kitty Purry,” for goodness sake. I mean, it was pretty much written in the stars. This latest Popchips digital short, titled “Katy and the Popcats,” follows Katy and her wig-wearing cat friends Lulu, Widget and Boodles as they go up against Fat Cat and his “fat snacks.” It might be a little bit confusing that Fat Cat is a puppet and not a real cat, but “Laser Cats” got away with it all the time on SNL, so it's fine.

I'm just going to warn you, this video is incredibly ridiculous. If you haven't already realized that after reading the phrase “wig-wearing cat friends,” I can't help you. The good part is that in addition to being ridiculous, it's also ridiculously awesome. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a cat person. Maybe it's the fact that Katy and the Popcats drive an awesome psychedelic van or that they take shots of milk before going on missions. Or maybe it's the fact that Fat Cat lowers a bunch of brightly colored wigs from the ceiling and Katy turns into a kitty herself trying to grab them. Oh, and did I mention there's rapping? Just don't overthink it.

Look, I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but I think Hollywood should really make this into a TV show. Katy and the Popcats. It's perfect. Even if it's just something that plays for 15 seconds in a box in the corner of the screen during the credits of movies playing on TBS at 3 in the morning, I need this to be a series. You've got all your elements: a pop star, a German villain (did I forget to mention Fat Cat is German?), fabulous outfits, and animal talent and chips. Sounds like the perfect TV show to me. But maybe my taste is just too sophisticated for the average viewer to appreciate.