Questionable Choices: Katy Perry Must Have Lost Her Slip On The Way To Coachella

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Coachella Music Festival is a time for the celebrities who spread out across the lawn to wear nothing but hippie fashion. Long skirts and dresses, floppy hats, peace signs drawn on your cheek, it all works at Coachella. So it isn't Katy Perry's fun flower wreath, the poppy that seems to be sprouting directly from chest, or even the completely visible bra and panties that aren't working for her, it's the unnecessary sheer dress she layered on top.

In the warm Californian sun at music festival walking around in your underwear, especially fancy retro high-waisted underwear can come off as high fashion for the occasion. But with the floral dress on top the glaringly black underwear seems like a mistake, a fashion faux pas unnoticed until the first person points and laughs.

Pairing the black combat boots with the black bra set would have set her apart from the flower-child crowd, but instead of making a statement of individuality it looks like Katy's dark and light sides are battling it out through her clothing choices. Hopefully one will win soon so her outfits won't look so confused.