The Top 20 Katy Perry Music Videos, Ranked

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In her ten-year career so far, Katy Perry has produced smash hit after smash hit. She's fronted sell-out tours, has had three number-one albums and is one of the biggest-selling artists in music industry history. In between writing, performing, and being a general boss-ass lady, Perry has also somehow found the time to produce dozens of incredible music videos to accompany her singles. She's become known for her wacky sense of humor but has also given us some real tear-jerkers. You don't know what you're going to get with her videos: four minutes of hilarity, or a quick cry? No matter what emotion Perry's videos stir, they're all pretty high-quality.

Still, not every music video is created equal. Some have stronger storylines than others. Some are aesthetically beautiful, but also kind of pointless. For those of you wondering which of Perry's videos are the best and which fall slightly below her usual standard, we've got the ranking for you. Here are our top 20 Katy Perry music videos. Will you agree with number one? You'll have to read on and see…