Katy Perry Kisses Justin Bieber At Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

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This photo to the left provides further evidence that Katy Perry is hilarious and not above doing things like planting a smooch on The Biebs, and then posting the photo evidence on her Twitter alongside the caption, “Told you I would tap that. Yummy.”

They were both at last night's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, where Katy got slimed. Then she got some Bieber action backstage, making Barbara Walters and our brothers' girl classmates jealous.

And look at him! He's totally enjoying this. Russell Brand must feel threatened.

Here at Crushable we're tracking all things Biebs because we find him FASCINATING. Why? Because we like national pop-culture phenomenons and such. We've always been nerdy like that. Also, it's pretty great when we get emails in our inbox such as this one, from a reader named Widad: “OMG WHo the F— is Justin Bieber and why is he so famous??? He didn't exist and then it's Tuesday and then everyone was talking about him. I'm scared.”

Is anyone else out there fascinated, horrified, confused? Have you ever encountered Bieber and have a story to share? There's no way he can be that confident in real life — no 16-year-olds have¬† swagger like that, or at least enough cojones to hit on Barbara Walters and make her fall in love with him.