Katy Perry Proves That Drunk Texting Your Douchey Ex Leads To Everlasting Love

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While last week brought us the devastating news that John Mayer broke up with Katy Perry via e-mail, this week's news brings us the uplifting news that excessive drunk texting can lead to love. Or lust. Or whatever word you choose to use when your ex takes you back after publicly humiliating you via email.

After Katy Perry allegedly bombarded John Mayer with drunk texts, he finally gave in and agreed to be seen out in public with her again. The two got spotted eating food together last night at Little Door Restaurant in L.A. Whether or not John Mayer paid for dinner is currently up in the air.

But knowing him the way I know him, I'm sure he handed the bill over to Katy and was all like, “your wallet is a wonderland.” Then he probably hit on the waitress who was probably not 18 yet.

What this dinner date means for their fragile relationship remains unclear. Why Katy Perry wants to date him also remains unclear. She can probably date any guy she wants to date and she goes for the greaseball in the corner. The guy who could easily fill in for a predator on To Catch A Predator (RIP). In fact I think he did star in one episode. You know, the very special celebrity episode they did during sweeps one year?

But alas, true love never makes sense. Especially when the person confessing her true love is doing it drunkenly on her cell phone at 3 A.M.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)