Katy Perry Tweets Photo Of John Mayer That Gives Creepy Santas Everywhere A Run For Their Money

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John Mayer Santa Claus Katy Perry Twitter Twit Pic

Last night, while you were stuffing your face with pie or watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with your family, John Mayer was dressing up as Santa Claus, and Katy Perry was taking a picture of it.

Luckily for us, Katy was kind enough to share it, by tweeting it with the caption “Santa Baby.”

Upon seeing the photo, various thoughts danced through my head like sugar plums. First of all, I'm a bit of a Santa purist, and John's lack of beard goes against canon, especially when the presence of the white wig says he was going for at least a little authenticity.

Second of all, I'm relieved Katy didn't tweet this late Christmas Eve, lest her young fans wonder why bleary-eyed Santa was posing like a Playgirl centerfold instead of delivering presents.

Third, where is the corresponding photo of Katy in the candy cane bra I know she wore last night?

Finally, it makes me wonder where we can place John Mayer on the scale of Santa sexiness. He's got the right pose, so sexy points there, but the white wig is throwing me off. You don't normally see a girl dress as a sexy Santa while wearing an old man wig, so it also makes little — although a little more — sense for a guy to do it. John loses sexy points there. He also gains major creepiness points due to the mere fact that he's John Mayer, so I think this pic overall ends up on the creepy side. Good effort, John Mayer, but it seems that no matter what you do, your inherent John Mayerness always makes us feel ooky.

This photo is just a culmination of various Christmasy things the couple has been doing recently, from seeing a performance of A Christmas Story to volunteering at a hospital.

Here's hoping Katy doesn't follow this up next week with a picture of John dressed as Baby New Year. That's never sexy, John Mayerness notwithstanding.

(Photo: Twitter)