Katy Perry Almost Got Herself Killed Ruining A Stranger’s Birthday Party

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If I've learned anything from the past twelve months, it's that I really don't know what I'm working with as far as Katy Perry. I thought I had a bead on that girl, but she's really spent the past year or so completely mystifying me, and this video is no exception.

She's done everything from rave about John Mayer‘s brain, to admitting to carrying locks of other celebrities' hair in her purse, to telling photographers to eff off at a shoot that she herself was late to, to threatening to spank Miley Cyrus, to dyeing her hair ‘slime green', to  going on a date with this idiot, to being a big ol' dummy about feminism. But probably the weirdest thing she's done so far is to dress up like a clown at a kid's birthday party and try to get herself hit by a car. Don't worry, I can explain. (But only barely.)

Katy went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote…god knows what, probably her breakup, but also maybe her new single, and started talking about the music video she filmed for it. It's called ‘Birthday', so naturally she got herself made up into five different disguises and crashed the birthday parties of random strangers who were foolish enough to hire her. I say naturally, because of course that's what you do. She says she did it because she assumes everyone's tired of that same sexy video she does every time, but you gotta cling to that, girl! That is your beat! And it's never gotten you almost hit by a car, so it has that going for it.

As you can see from that clip, Katy went running into the street as part of her hilaaaarious drunk clown character, and she missed her mark by like six feet! Which seems like a dangerous amount to miss it by, considering there's a car performing a lit'ral stunt in that exact area.

I mean she's fine, but that seems like a lot of risks to take just to ruin a stranger's birthday party for your video, right? Although I will say — running into the street blindfolded is a great euphemism for her relationship with John Mayer, so at least I got a good zing out of this whole debacle.