Katy Perry Gets Back At The Grammy’s No Sideboob Rule By Playing Areola Roulette

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katy perry cleavage grammys

Forget winning a Grammy Award, Katy Perry just put herself in the running for most likely to have a nip slip on live TV when she showed up on the red carpet wearing a dress that can best be described by saying “HELLO CLEAVAGE!”

Late last week we got word that the 2013 Grammys would be adhering to the ultraconservative Mayflower Dresscode of 1620 and not allowing celebrities to show any sideboob. Like the rest of the country we mourned this horrible draconian decree and even considered boycotting the two-hour red carpet extravaganza. But then we realized boycotting that would mean that we'd miss out on Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic's delightful attempts to interview other people while stealthily talking about themselves. I know I'm not the only one who heard Giuliana Rancic sing. Again. It never ceases to amaze me just how self-involved those two can be. Almost as amazing as it is that Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthew l-o-v-e every single dress they see in the glam cam.

Thankfully for all us at home who need to type the word “boob” at least once during every awards show to keep the entertainment industry running smoothly, Katy Perry subverted the rules by playing a game of areola roulette. Seriously, one wrong (or right?) move and we're going to be watching an entirely different show.

While we always appreciate Perry's creativity when it comes to boobal wear, we're a little sad that her cleavage can't top off our sundaes this year. #RIPWhippedCreamBoobs. But we do appreciate the effort!

(Photo: Tumblr)