As If We Didn’t Know Who Katy Perry Is Voting For, She Wore A Ballot Dress To Her Concert

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Katy Perry ballot dress concert voting Barack Obama Mitt Romney Democrat

As we've already established, Barack Obama has a lot of celebrities on his side in this election—both to do their patriotic duty in voting, as well as to inspire the youth to “Rock the Vote” or whatever the hot new slogan is. Never was that clearer than when he attended the “America Forward” Grassroots Event in Las Vegas last night. One of the headliners was Katy Perry, who couldn't miss out on an opportunity to let us know exactly what's on her mind by displaying it in her bizarre fashion.

Yes, the woman who commemorated the Royal Wedding with a manicure sported a skintight ballot dress at last night's concert. And in case that wasn't enough of a political message for you, she's already filled in her vote. For Obama and Joe Biden, natch. None of that Mitt Romney bullshit here, no sirree. Well, she was never one for subtlety anyway. Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't play off the always-relevant hanging chad joke and flash a little skin to the assembled concertgoers.

To get everyone in the right mood, Katy kicked off her set with a cover of Al Green‘s “Let's Stay Together” — though we prefer the President's version — as well as her own anthems, “Teenage Dream” and “Firework.” Later Obama addressed the crowd, saying, “I believe in you. I need you to keep believing in me.”

To back him up, here's Katy doing her best Uncle Sam impression:

Katy Perry ballot dress concert voting Barack Obama Mitt Romney Democrat

Don't forget to vote! As if you could now.

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