If You Slow Down Katniss Everdeen, She Sounds Just Like Will Ferrell

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Here's a fun fact for your Sunday night. Apparently if you slow down Katniss Everdeen's infamous “I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute!” line from The Hunger Games, she sounds just like Will Ferrell. So much like Will Ferrell, that I'm not 100% sure this isn't him. Seriously listen.

Then after you're done listening, imagine if Will Ferrell made this movie in his signature '00s movie style. Ridiculous athlete (Katniss the man version) plays ridiculous sport (fighting to death in an arena on live TV), comes to understand his competition (Peeta Mellark) and learns a valuable lesson at the end (The Capitol will punish you for not cooperating).

Vince Vaughn would of course play Peeta and maybe Steve Carrell could play Gale. It would be like the Anchorman sequel, but much more entertaining.

(Via Reddit)