Katniss Everdeen May Be A Kickass Heroine, But She’s Not Your Best Friend

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Yesterday I posted a photo of Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan and Hermione Granger on our Facebook page and asked our readers who would be their bff, their frenemy and their straight-up enemy. I thought it presented a modern twist on the classic Kill-Marry-Screw game we typically play at Crushable and I naively predicted what the answers would be.

Obviously (I thought) people would want Hermione as their BFF because she's brilliant, magical and awesome. Throughout the Harry Potter  series she constantly proves herself to be an awesome friend who will go out of her way to help someone out.

Katniss would be your frenemy. Mostly because you don't want her on your bad side because she can and will kill you. Isn't the the definition of a frenemy? Someone you befriend to avoid death by arrow? Also, it has to be said that she lacks some basic human emotions. Sure that's due to her upbringing in District 12, but that doesn't mean I'd want her as a friend. At least not before she spent some time discussing a few of her issues with a licensed therapist.

And naturally Bella would be your enemy because she's Bella. Possibly the most wah-wah character in the history of teen fiction.

But I totally predicted that wrong because many of our fans claimed they would want Katniss to be their best friend forever. Really? Her? (Yep, I said that in my Arrested Development voice.) The girl who totally ignores the feelings of her best friend (and only friend) Gale Hawthorne the second it's no longer convenient? I know she was in a life and death situation, but so was Hermione during her many adventures. You didn't see her abandoning Harry and Ron because being with them meant being in danger.

I'm not writing this to pit The Hunger Games against Harry Potter. I read and loved both series. The combined 9 movies had me on the edge of my seat in the 9 movie theaters and I'll gladly skip a night of drinking to discuss the intricacies of both stories.

But just because Katniss Everdeen kicks ass over and over again and proves herself throughout every challenge she's up against doesn't mean you should invite her home for a sleepover. Never in all three books does she ever make a real friend. Rue's probably the closest she ever gets and even that relationship's not totally healthy. It's more matronly than anything else. So sure, it's sweet. But it's not like they ever exchanged friendship bracelets.

So ladies, I would like you to rethink what you told me yesterday. Are you sure you want Katniss Everdeen to be the girl french braiding your hair while you gossip about Bella and watch The Bachelorette? Or perhaps you want Hermione instead? The girl who can conjure up a second bottle of wine after you finish the first.

Think about it and let me know in the comments!