The Katniss Everdeen Barbie Will Have No Patience For Ken’s Constant Outfit Changes

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Yes, the long-awaited Katniss Everdeen Barbie is finally here! Well at least pictures of her are here. Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first photos of Barbie's most murderous friend yet and she's looking braid-riffic. Skipper's sure to be jealous of Barbie's cool new friend. I mean, what's the worst Skipper's ever done? Let someone cut all her hair off probably. That's nothing compared to murder!

While you can't get your hands on Katniss Everdeen until August, you can pre-order the doll starting at noon today. Mini-Katniss comes dressed in her arena outfit (blood-free!) so she can start playing the game as soon as you get her out of the box. Just be careful because she also comes with a bow and arrows.

It's all fun and games until you have to tell your friends you're in the emergency room because you stabbed yourself with your barbie's toys. It's one thing to obsess over The Hunger Games, it's another thing to hurt yourself with that obsession. We all know Jennifer Lawrence wouldn't want you to turn into another tribute.

The only problem with the Katniss Barbie is that she comes solo. No Peeta Mellark to play kissy face with, no Gale Hawthorne to go hunting with and sadly no Cato to murder. Sure you can pretend that Ken is one of these fine, upstanding teenage boys, but you'll know in your heart it's not the same.

I think we both know Ken can't bake bread or shoot squirrels or murder people in cold blood. He can't even have sex. (Just a minor side effect of not having a penis.)

But hopefully, by the time they release the Katniss barbie this summer, they'll have a whole line of tributes ready to go too. And maybe, if we're lucky, the Haymitch Barbie will come with real liquor. If you're going to be playing with Barbies at this age, you should probably be a little buzzed. I know Skipper will be.