Dreams Do Come True: Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise

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Dreams Do Come True  Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Bella Connor Suri Katie Holmes png

Ever since the news broke that Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise with a divorce, I prayed that Nicole Kidman was somehow involved. Because scandals don’t count unless they involve they involve distant ex-wives who have their own shady pasts, questionable custody schedules and the inability to show facial expressions due to excessive botox. The only way this could get any jucier is if David Beckham filed for custody of Bella Cruise. But not Connor Cruise. Because I think this whole affair needs a little bit more of a WTF factor. Especially since it wrapped up so quickly.

What does Katie Holmes know that we don’t that made Tom Cruise give her full custody of Suri Cruise? Nicole Kidman knows. Apparently the two chatted about Tom Cruise using Katie’s secret disposable cell phones so she couldn’t be traced by the Scientology police. This is like a grown-up real-life version of Harriet the Spy. Which means Rosie O’Donnell could enter the picture at any second.

A source (Ireland Baldwin? Maybe? Anything can happen now!) tells Us Weekly that Nicole and Katie spoke about Tom as things grew more heated.

“They’ve spoken over the last few weeks,” a confidante tells the new Us Weekly of Holmes and Kidman, 45. “Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there.”

What would you give to get transcripts of those calls? To get some kind of proof that Tom Cruise is gay? Or even just off the walls crazy? They sound more scandalous than those stealthy 3-way calls you would make in middle school where you would ambush an innocent person by asking her to spill dirt on a friend — only to later reveal that the friend was on the call.

While the divorce might be over, the juicy gossip’s only just starting. I hope. I just typed that without really knowing if it’s true.  But my prayers about Nicole Kidman came through, so now I know that someone up there is listening to me and trying to answer all my celebrity prayers. Praise the lord. And the anonymous sources at Us Weekly.