Katie Holmes Shows She Cannot Be Broken By Taking Suri For Ice Cream On Tom Cruise’s 50th Birthday

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Last night, Katie Holmes continued her daring escape from her marriage contract with Tom Cruise by remaining as far away from him as possible, Suri in tow. Rather than celebrate his 50th birthday in Iceland like she was supposed to, Katie was photographed in NYC taking her daughter for ice cream with a smile on her face as if to say, “fuck you, Tom Cruise. I'm finally free from your creepy Scientology compound, and I am taking my kid for ice cream, no matter how many black vans you send to follow me.”

As previously reported, Katie is filing for divorce and sole custody in New York, while Tom is counter-filing in the more cult-friendly state of California. And considering how notorious the Church of Scientology is for intimidating people, I'm guessing she's at least a little bit nervous right now. If I were her, I'd probably be too scared to leave my apartment, let alone take my daughter out in public where someone could jump out of an SUV and snatch her up for a “security check” at any moment. But that would be letting the Scientologists win, and Suri needs ice cream, dammit. So kudos to her for maintaining some semblance of normalcy for her daughter during what is most likely a rather unstable time.

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Photo: TYNF/WENN.com