Katie Holmes Is ‘Open To’ Having More Kids And Being A Lawyer And Just Things In General

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Katie Holmes Four Seasons New York City 14 Mar 2013

Last month we heard a rumor that Katie Holmes was interested in attending law school. So she could win back her college boyfriend, who's now engaged to a girl who wears pearls and sensible headbands. And she was planning to fall in love with Luke Wilson along the way. I'm realizing now that I'm remembering something else, but I'm pretty sure a big movie studio has already been inspired to make a movie with that very plot called Legally Bland. Ba-dum-bum!

Don't tuck the law school rumors away in your “Totally Not True” folder just yet, because Katie isn't exactly denying having a desire to release her inner Nancy Grace. In a new interview with Allure magazine, brought to our attention by The Daily Mail, Katie remains coy about the lawyer topic, but she sounds like she definitely maybe doesn't hate the idea:

‘Well, my brother and father are attorneys, and – we’ll see,’ Katie said. ‘I like the practical thinking of attorneys.’

It sounds like Katie might be putting her study hat on as we speak. She certainly seems open to trying her hand at law. In fact, Katie's just open to a lot of things. Namely, everything.

Katie specifically talks about the possibility of having more kids: “I don’t know. I’m open to it.” Well, gosh, that's so refreshing how you're open to that, Katie. It makes it so much easier to daydream about little Suri Cruise taking a little brother or sister under her well-dressed wing. And by Suri Cruise I mean her body double, obviously.

But the field of law and expanding her brood aren't the only things Katie's open to. Oh, no ma'am, she's open to a lot of other things. Namely, being in whatever Broadway play would allow her to bring her crooked smile onto the stage every night. When talking about the play Dead Accounts, which was pretty much “dead” on arrival (welcome to every theatre headline in America), Katie doesn't express much regret:

‘I was open to – well, to whoever wanted me,’ she admitted. ‘But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage.'

So much openness, so little time. Well, Katie, I look forward to maybe, possibly, don't-rule-it-out-because-she's-open-to-it-ly seeing you drop your new baby off with the nanny on your way to law class. But since you're not with Tom Cruise anymore, Katie, can I run through a list of potential new beaus for you? Ugh, all right, I get it, you're open to it. Is your interview-answer switch jammed or something? While we're fixing that, do you mind if we use this oil can to straighten that smile out? Yes, I know, you're open to it.

(Photo: Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com)