Now Seems Like A Good Time To Discuss The Classic ‘Chris Klein Is Suri Cruise’s Biological Father’ Rumors

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There's nothing normal about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ relationship. From the courtship via alleged casting to the high-profile divorce complete with Scientology stalkers, it all sounds like something that a sci-fi writer made-up on a deadline. But just in case, you're looking to add a few more scintillating rumors to the mix, try this one on for size.

For years, people have suggested that Katie's ex Chris Klein is Suri Cruise's biological father. Mostly  because she got pregnant so quickly after “breaking up” with Chris Klein.

A Celebitchy article from 2008 lays out the case right here:

A lot of people speculated that Suri wasn’t born in April at all, and cited photos of Katie’s Holmes growing and shrinking bump to show that there was some funny business going on. One photo in particular that made us scratch our heads had Katie looking like she was smuggling a beach ball under her top. There are theories that Suri isn’t Tom Cruise’s biological baby and that Katie was instead pregnant with her ex Chris Klein’s child when she met Tom just a month after her breakup with Chris. Cruise was rumored to be sterile or at least unable to successfully reproduce, given the fact that he had no biological children with ex wife Nicole Kidman and she suffered some miscarriages during their marriage. The curious way that Suri was kept from the public and the lack of convincing evidence of her birthdate were used as evidence that she could be older than Holmes and Cruise claimed, which made her paternity up to question.

Why would the  Tom Cruise and his friends at Scientology agree to covering up the truth behind this pregnancy?

A pregnancy would not only prove(ish) that Tom Cruise intercoursed Katie Holmes (making him straighter than straight), but also that he's virile healthy man full of testosterone and footballs and all the the other ingredients that make up a macho man. And that's exactly the image he needs at the box office.

Not convinced that this could, maybe, possibly be true?

Let's look at the timeline:

March 2005 – Chris Klein and Katie Holmes break-up

April 29th, 2005 – Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise publicly state that they're dating.

June 17th, 2005- Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes.

October 5, 2005 – Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announce that Katie's pregnant.

April 18th 2006 – Suri Cruise born.

A year after breaking up with her boyfriend of several years, Katie Holmes gives birth to Tom Cruise's baby?! Definitely possible, but definitely strange. Or maybe, Katie Holmes gets cold feet about her absolutely insane whirlwind of a relationship to a man 17 years her senior and has a short-lived romantic affair with Chris Klein in late summer/early fall of 2005. Just the tips, just to see how it feels.

Or maybe  I'll go out on a limb here and say that the entire pregnancy timeline got fudged and she really did give birth 9 months after meeting Tom. Sounds crazy, but so is everything else we've heard about this relationship thus far.

And it could certainly explain why Katie Holmes thinks she can get full custody of Suri, when Nicole Kidman get practically no custody of her children with Tom. Or it could just be another crazy rumor. But at this point, after hearing what I've heard so far, I'm ready to believe just about anything.

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