Katie Holmes Shows Off Her Beyonce Moves, Reminds Us She Has A Personality

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Katie Holmes Shows Off Her Beyonce Moves  Reminds Us She Has a Personality Katie Holmes Tonight Show February 2016 jpg

Sometimes I still need a reminder that Katie Holmes is not a robot. Even after she escaped Tom Cruise, I still wasn’t sure if she ever got her chip removed or if it had been reprogrammed by Suri Cruise to compel Katie into buying her a constant stream of presents. I don’t often think of her as having a personality. She’s just that crooked-smiled lady who stars in movies sometimes and might be dating Jamie Foxx, and whose eye makeup always looks two days old.

But then last night Katie appeared on The Tonight Show, and it would appear that whatever personality she was holding back and/or was unable to display just let itself out in the span of a minute and a half. Seriously, watching this video made me feel like the guy in the chair in the Maxell ad. Katie starts off by saying that she and Suri went to a cooking class and then a museum instead of watching the first half of the Super Bowl. So far, so expected. But then she talks about frantically knocking on her friend’s door to see Beyonce’s halftime performance, and things take a turn.

Katie describes her and her friend’s “OMGGGGG” reactions to Beyonce’s performance (and possibly Suri’s reaction, although she seems like she’d be so unimpressed), even going so far as to stand up and imitate it. Then she talks about how they tried to mimic Beyonce’s moves. She gets embarrassed and says she won’t continue, but Jimmy convinces her to demonstrate. I think I speak for everyone when I say, who the hell is this lady and where has she been hiding? Do you think Suri watched this last night and proceeded to give her mom a lecture about how embarrassing she is? I do, and I love it.