Is Kathy Griffin Funny? I Can Never Decide!

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I go back and forth on being a Kathy Griffin fan all the time. Sometimes I think she's hilarious and right-on with her jokes and celebrity critiques. Other times I think she's like an insecure middle schooler who would actually kill her mother to secure a permanent spot on the A-list.  It's this constant uncertainity about whether she's funny that's stopping me from getting excited about Kathy, her new live talk show premiering on Bravo  tonight.

Would it be awesome to watch a TV show hosted by a funny and successful woman? Yes, of course. I'd love to see more  funny women on TV. Rumor has it that if we get one more female show on during primetime, we'll all sync up on our periods and be able to share tampons 24/7. But that's just a rumor I read in Good Housekeeping.

Unforunately I don't think Kathy will be that show. After about 6 minutes of careful thought and consideration, I've concluded that Kathy's at her best when she's doing her stand-up. When she has time to prepare well thought-out jokes that cut to the core of everything that's wrong with celebrities. That's when she exposes just how ridiculous celebrities can be from her personal experience dealing with them. When Kathy's in stand-up mode she's like your cool friend who works on movie sets and can spill all these tiny little celebrity secrets. Like “Robert Downey Jr. eats mustard sandwiches everyday” and “Elizabeth Olsen is actually Mary-Kate Olsen in disguise.”

But when Kathy's doing live TV or a reality show like My Life On The D-List, she's a completely different person. That's when she turns into a stage-5 clinger who will do anything to get that coveted A-List spot. Take her entire schitck on The Late Late Show the other night with Craig Ferguson. It epitomizes everything that's troubling about Kathy.


Despite all her success, she's so incredibly needy when it comes to male attention. She kicks off her interview by showing off her boobs and sticking a flag down her bra. It's reminiscent of every other time she's gotten naked on TV for no other reason than to say  “look at me! look at me! I'm also sexy!”

After she's done showing off her boobs, she continues talking about how she'll wear a bead and only a bead on her new show. I get that it was a joke, but once again it drew attention back to her body without making me laugh.

Then she jumps right into making fun of Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner — only to say that when she met Kris Jenner in person, she's actually a really nice woman. Which is also a classic Kathy move: make fun of someone behind their back and then kiss their ass in person. This constant reversal not only makes her stand-up routine seem fake, but it also makes her look like that girl in middle school who would say and do anything to be popular.

Sure she'll sit with you at lunch and talk shit about the popular girls for as long as you want. But give her one swipe of your lip gloss and access to your push-up bra and she's off to their lunch table, trying to worm her way into their circle.

So for all her awesome stand-up material that makes me laugh aloud, I always have this image of the real Kathy in the back of my head. The Kathy who will shut down production tomorrow on her talk show if it means getting invited to a GOOP garden party. The Kathy who will sue Youtube to get her stand-up videos taken down if she could spend a day with Brangelina.

Because for all her jokes and insults, she wants nothing more than to be in the popular crowd. Which is a shame becuase she's probably more talented than most of them. She's funny and she's smart and she could be a great role model for other smart and funny women out there.

Unfortunately she's too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks to realize that. Which means I might be too busy to watch her show's premiere tonight. Just kidding. I'll watch it and give her a chance. Maybe the funny Kathy can shine through and leave the insecure Kathy behind. It's unlikely on a live show, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.