Never Fear Everyone — Sounds Like Katherine Heigl Is Still A Bitch

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Katherine Heigl in Los Angeles April 2013Guys, when are we going to stop being polite and start getting REAL about Katherine Heigl. I know we've all been hearing whispers (and shouts and yells) about her being extremely difficult to work with on set, but I just wanted to reassure any of you who were worried that she might have mellowed with age like a fine, increasingly polite wine…DON'T WORRY, SHE HASN'T.

Now, let's also remind ourselves that anyone who is still hiring Katherine Heigl deserves a large amount of accountability in this tale, because she's never had a reputation for being anything but a bitch…and yet as recently as 2014 (aka a full year into the future), IMDb tells me that she has multiple movies coming out. Sigh.

But the movie we're here to talk about today is Life As We Know It, which came out in 2010, netted Katherine $12 million, and was described by a source as just one of the ‘desperately difficult situations' that Katherine has the ability to create on set:

“She can cost you time every single day of shooting. Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day.”

And apparently Katherine was not the only problem; her mother, Nancy, was also well known for flinging abuse at the crews of Katherine's films:

“I have never experienced anything like Nancy Heigl. It's about the mouth. ‘F— you. You are a f—ing liar.' Whatever you'd say, you were an idiot. The call would be, ‘This is the worst craft service we've ever had! There's nothing to eat! This is the worst wardrobe!' You knew that every day, you were going to get slammed. The frustrating part is [Katherine] is incredibly talented and smart.”

Well yeah! You just described her talents earlier! You said she was able to cost you time (which equals money!) every single day! Not every star can boast of that. And, of course, this wasn't a one-time thing, as similar complaints were lodged during her 2008 movie 27 Dresses:

“There were movie-star demands — big rooms, the mother there, all the stuff . . . It was just a sense of entitlement. The biggest stars don't do that kind of thing.”

This is all terrible, but it turns out there is some good news out of it — her behavior in previous situations has apparently saved us from having to see her in new projects. Another source says she was being considered for a pilot, but that her involvement was vetoed on account of her being the worst.

“On many levels, she would have been perfect for the role, but all of us said, ‘She's not worth it.' “

That's the first good news I've heard about Katherine Heigl since…ever.

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