Most Brides Get Blenders For Wedding Presents, Kate Winslet Gets Blasted Into Space

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Most brides go the token route and register at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target for their weddings.  Some even register at Home Depot, throwing caution and traditional roles to the wind.  Celebrity brides are a whole different ball game, and they probably register for things like unicorn dust facials.  Kate Winslet, however, received a gift as rare and special as her new husband's fake last name: a trip to outer space.

Sir Richard Branson, knight and shining Virgin mogul, gave the new Mrs. RocknRoll a  £124,000 ticket to have her British heiny blasted off into the atmosphere as a wedding present.  Mr. RocknRoll, 34, works part time for Virgin Galactic which hopes to start flights next year.  Yep, Rose DeWitt Bukater's third husband works part-time for the family business like any other schlepp who's rich and bored enough to change his name to something 8th grade boys would find funny.

Apparently, more than 530 people have already bought a ticket into space including Russell Brand, Ashton Kutcher, and Stephen Hawking who also received a free ride courtesy of Branson.  Now if that's not a set-up for a game of “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other,”  I don't know what is.

So let this be a lesson to brides-to-be 'round the world (myself included): Kate Winslet just one-upped us all. Step up your game, ladies.

(Photo: WENN)