Does Kate Winslet’s Horribly Rude Behavior Merit A Public Flogging? One Fan Says Yes

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Sit down and prepare yourself to be horrified by the news I'm about to tell you about Kate Winslet. Yes, that Kate Winslet. The actress everyone claims is just so nice and delightful and charming. Well, don't be fooled by her British accent and her “tea-and-crumpets” lifestyle.

Recent reports coming in from Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts reveal her to be the worst human beings alive. (Maybe even dead. Our afterlife reporters are off today so we can't confirm or deny that statement.)

So Kate “high horse” Winslet arrived in town to shoot a movie. Probably an autobiographical film called “Snubbing my Nose at the Little People” or “Fans are for People without AC, Not for A-List Celebrities.” Either way, it doesn't matter. The point of this story is that 100 fans eagerly waited to meet her upon her arrival only to find out that she had no interest in meeting them.

She didn't even acknowledge the fans. She didn't look at them or throw pennies at them or even let them draw her like a French girl.

Shanna Swan, a longtime fan, said Winslet's behavior ruined celebrities for her entirely.

“She always plays such warm people on the big screen, I thought she would be kind, so when she was mean, I was crushed I watched The Titantic 13 times when I was 12 years old, and Kate wouldn’t even look up for a second to acknowledge we were all adoring her “Everyone in town was really hurt, and I could hear people calling her name…This was the first celebrity i've seen in my lifetime, and sadly the experience was hurtful to me and my entire town.  Kate Winslet really left a bitter taste in our mouths.”

She may never see another movie as long as she may live. Or maybe just never watch Titanic again. Or at least not both tapes. Maybe only the second half. When you get to see Kate/Rose almost die.

While I feel for Shanna's experience, it's something we New Yorkers have to learn every day. That awesome celebrity you fantasized about in middle school. Well, turns out he doesn't want to speak to you in the middle of his shoot. Even if he's shooting on your block, and that's kinda like fate and you're kinda available to date him.

Celebrities are the worst. Unless they agree to take a photo with you that you can post on Facebook. Then they're the best. Life is just so complicated!