Kate Winslet Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s Opinion On The Titanic Raft Controversy

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Kate Winslet Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio s Opinion On the Titanic Raft Controversy Titanic Jack never let go gif


You may have forgotten that Kate Winslet is nominated for an Oscar this year and has won such awards as a Golden Globe and a BAFTA, since so much of her recent interviews have focused on Leonardo DiCaprio (what good friends they are, how handsome he is, how he’s going to win an Oscar this year) and/or Titanic. Specifically, the age-old (well, 19 years old) question of whether or not Jack could have fit on that floating piece of the ship with Rose and survived.

Kate has already revealed that she’s on Team “They Both Could Have Fit.” During an interview with Digital Spy on the BAFTA red carpet, she shared Leo’s opinion on the matter. Namely, that he doesn’t have one.

“No, funnily enough he doesn’t [bring it up],” she said. “He really doesn’t care about the door.”

First of all, I am shocked and horrified to learn that Kate and Leo don’t spend every moment they are together discussing whether or not his character in a movie they starred in nearly two decades ago could have survived. I mean, what else do they have to talk about if not that? Family? Politics? Their favorite TV shows? What they’re going to wear to the Oscars? How boring.

Second of all, this has made me realize that we desperately need, as a society, to decide what that thing they’re floating on in the movie should be called. I know a lot of people say it’s a door, and I once thought the same thing, but I’m not so sure that’s what it is. Is it part of a fancy mantelpiece? Should we just call it a raft or a hunk of wood to prevent confusion? Can something be a raft if it’s not made from a bunch of things tied together or inflated with a pump?

Seriously, I’m starting to think coming to a consensus about whether or not that’s a door is more important than whether Jack could have fit. Let’s just decide already.