Here’s Kate Winslet And Jimmy Fallon Taking Silly Selfies To Brighten Your Day

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Here s Kate Winslet and Jimmy Fallon Taking Silly Selfies to Brighten Your Day Kate Winslet photo booth Jimmy Fallon 2015 jpg

Good afternoon! How’s your day going? Recovering from last night’s crazy American Horror Story premiere? Sad that it’s still not Friday? Crying because you just want to watch the Sherlock special right now this second but you can’t? Same, same, and same. But I’ve got the perfect remedy for you, and it involves watching Kate Winslet and Jimmy Fallon take silly selfies using Photo Booth (not to be confused with “Phone Booth”) on The Tonight Show last night. One dose and you’ll be sufficiently perked and can get through whatever the day throws at you.

Sure, you could say this is just a four-minute product placement for Apple, and it kind of is. But Kate was on the show to promote Steve Jobs, so it at least has to do with the movie. And honestly, if it means I get to watch Kate Winslet make funny faces and laugh at the results of the weird photo effects, I’m totally fine with it. I’m especially fine with it considering at one point Kate tells Jimmy he looks like he’s trying to push out a “square-shaped poop.” And yes, that phrase does sound 100 times better with a British accent, thank you for asking.

Kate has such a good time in this segment, and her joy is so infectious. I can totally see her doing this at home with her kids after this. I think she should totally put an iPad next to that Oscar of hers in her bathroom, so that in addition to allowing guests to practice their future acceptance speeches in the mirror, they can also enjoy a few ridiculous selfies of themselves. And/or scroll through previous guests’ ugly mugs while they sit on the toilet. Am I being gross? Well, Kate was the one who said “square-shaped poop,” so don’t get mad at me for a little toilet humor.