Even Kate Winslet, Mother Of Bear Blaze, Thinks Ned Rocknroll Is A Stupid Name

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Kate Winslet Ellen interview March 2014

Kate Winslet visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to be charmingly British and discuss everything from where she was during the Los Angeles earthquake (pumping breast milk) to the recipient of that breast milk, her baby son Bear. If you can believe it, her explanation for giving him such an unusual, ursine name actually convinced me it wasn't that bad. But even she couldn't defend the fact that her husband is named Ned Rocknroll.

When the news first broke that Kate had married Mr. Rocknroll in a surprise wedding, I thought this was most definitely the end for her. “That's it,” I thought. “We've lost her to the weirdness of Hollywood and we'll never get her back. She promised us she'd never let go, but then she did.” I had coincidentally just watched Titanic before I heard the news, so that might have influenced my thoughts a bit. But seriously, Ned Rocknroll? That's the name you say you want when you're really drunk one night. But then you wake up and forget you even mentioned it. You don't go fill out the paperwork to get it changed.

Even Kate, someone who thought Bear Blaze was a totally normal name, seems to think Rocknroll is the stupidest name ever. Ellen mentions that Kate's hubby is named Rocknroll, and Kate gives this nervous little smile like, “Yeah, I know it's dumb.” And she can barely disguise her shame when she adds that his first name is Ned. Then she gives some half-assed attempt to defend the fact that Ned's “very much about irony” and blah blah blah it's a stupid name. She makes sure to point out that he changed it before they met, so she is not responsible. The face she gives Ellen when asked why Bear took the last name Winslet is priceless. It's a face that says, “No duh, Ellen.” In an English accent, of course.