Kate Winslet Had Her Baby With Ned Rocknroll — Fingers Crossed She Names Him ‘SexDrugsN’

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Kate Winslet pregnant in red dress at Labor Day premiere October 2013After swanning around on our list of Celebrities Who Are Pregnant Right Now for literal months, just showing off her Oscars and being charming, Kate Winslet has finally given birth! And it's a boy!

As you may recall, this baby is with her husband of about a year, a man named Ned Rocknroll. It's her first with Ned, but third overall, as she has a 10-year old daughter named Mia with her first husband, Jim Theapleton, and a 7-year old son, Joe, with her second husband, Sam Mendes. It was just this time last year that Ned and Kate were getting married, and now they have a full nine pounds of bouncing baby boy to come up with names for.

Obviously my first choice is for ‘SexDrugsN', because that just matches the last and the general attitude of the couple as far as not giving an eff, but I don't know. Kate's definitely a big enough celebrity to pull off a name like that (SDN for short!), but it doesn't really match with ‘Mia' and ‘Joe' I guess. Ah well.

But whatever the name, don't expect a newly-slimmed down Kate bouncing around outside shouting it to the corners of the sky anytime soon. She's not making losing the baby weight into a thing, and you shouldn't either.

“I want to be around for my children. That’s it. Those are the priorities. Not getting a flat stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I like staying fit and healthy, it’s all part of a healthy attitude to life. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’m seeing more and more curvier actresses out there. How does anyone have the time? Let’s be real here. Everyone is different. Springing back into shape after a baby, that’s not something that’s ever happened particularly swiftly for me.”

Good for you girl. Good for you. And congratulations!

(Photo: Daniel Deme / WENN.com)