Kate Middleton ‘Steps Out’ For The First Time In 10 Days, Will Probably Have To Wear One Of Those Velcro Leashes

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Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, leave the King Edward VII Hospital together.


St. James' Palace has just released a statement announcing that Kate Middleton will “step out” this evening to “accept the invitation to the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year Awards in London.”

Yeah, okay.  Sure.  Or, you know, she was going so stir-crazy she attempted several escapes from the London Tower they're surely keeping her in (I know this because I've watched The Tudors on Showtime), so they finally decided to let her out among the human population again.

The Duchess will be presenting two top sports awards tonight during her prison yard free time, because London hosted the Olympics and it was a big sports year for the UK, blah blah blah.  What I really want to know is: will she have to wear an ankle bracelet?  I mean, this is the woman with the “King-Maker.”  Her “Downton Abbey” is therefore pretty sacred, and must not tempt fate.

This will be her first public appearance since her hospital release on December 6. That was 10 days ago.  Do they let princesses do Sudoku in the Tower?  Or at least have access to a Nook or Kindle?  Because I have no idea how she must have passed the time during what must surely have been the longest 10 days of her life.  The royal fetus has already learned how to politely yawn from sheer boredom, I bet.

Prince William‘s baby mama was originally scheduled to celebrate her escape at an appearance at The Hobbit‘s London premiere Wednesday, but had to bow out after coming down with morning sickness.  From what I've heard about the 3-D, 48-frames-per-second, CGI-heavy film, it's probably best she surrendered to the Tower that day instead.


(Photo: WENN)