Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Just Like Us Because They Shuffle Between In-Laws During The Holidays Too

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Since Christmas is all about making yourself miserable and everyone else happy instead, and the royal family isn't even an exception to this rule.  Kate Middleton has successfully been able to usurp royal tradition this year thanks to her terrible bout of morning sickness, leaving women everywhere to wonder what kinds of illnesses they can feign in order to get their way during this holiday season.

After suffering from extreme morning sickness in the first weeks of her pregnancy, Kate Middleton and Prince William will spend Christmas in the comfort of her family, said a St. James Palace spokesperson, who has probably never been as busy career-wise as they have been in the last few months.

In a major break from tradition, which was cleared after consultation with Queen Elizabeth (of course), Kate and Prince William will visit her hometown to celebrate the holiday “privately with the Middleton family,” according to the Palace.

I'm assuming that the Queen isn't totally heartless now since she's letting Kate have time off for good behavior (oh I'm sorry, “behaviour”) at Christmastime, which is nice.  Now if you'll excuse me, I feel like I'm coming down with a case of the flu.  Or food poisoning.  Or maybe a broken toe.  Or whatever else I can find on WebMD.

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