‘Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins’ Says Her Close Friend Who Is Probably On A Royal Hit List Now

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Great news! Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins! Maybe! Possibly! It's not biologically impossible! Also, one time, while her husband Prince William went away for a weekend on  royal business, she watched every episode of Sister,Sister ever made. So she knows what twins are and understands the risks that come with having them. And by that I mean, she fully understands that if she and William ever divorce and split the kids up, they will meet up in a mall years later and force their parents to get back together. Also they'll be complete opposites. If Kate's lucky, she'll get the smart one when they break up. The Annie James, if you will.

How do we know she's having twins? Well her great friend Jessica Hay told Life & Style more about the pregnancy. At some point during their conversation L&S saw the signs and thought, “oh she's telling us it's twins!”

Do you remember Jessica Hay? She's the gal pal who told Life & Style last week that Kate Middleton was pregnant. She also told Life & Style that she's Kate's oldest friend in the whole wide world and they even have the necklaces to prove it. We predicted that the two were no longer friends after that interview.

But I guess we were wrong because Jessica Hay is at it again. Just chit-chatting with the tabloids about her best friend.

“They cried with joy when they found out she was pregnant,” Jessica shares with Life & Style. “Catherine’s been steadily putting weight on since April this year and hasn’t been drinking for a good few months — they’ve been preparing all summer. It was decided that they’d try at the tail-end of the royal tour in September, and that’s when it happened!”

Not only did she reveal intimate details about when Kate Middleton and Prince William played naked baby-making games, but she also informed them of the due date-ish.

Jessica tells Life & Style Kate is already “seven to eight weeks along,” an insider confirms to the mag, “She’s due in July, which is a month full of significance for William,” further explaining, “His mother, Diana, was born on July 1, and his parents got married on July 29.”

With friends like these, you don't even need anonymous sources in your life. Or I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm now 100% positive that Jessica Hay not only got defriended by Kate, but also blocked.

Unless of course Kate's trying to cut back on baby expenses and went with the Life & Style baby announcement route. It's so much more affordable and effective. Also it gives Jessie H something to do. If that's the case, I eagerly await the birthing twitpics that Jessie takes in the delivery room.