Kate Middleton Accidentally Flashes Her Flat Post-Baby Belly Somewhere Other Than Instagram

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Kate Middleton Accidentally Flashes Her Flat Post Baby Belly Somewhere Other Than Instagram Kate Middleton post baby body Sportsaid Athlete Workshop October 2013 jpg

I don’t want to alarm you, but this new photograph of Kate Middleton might make you think you hallucinated that whole “birth of the royal baby” thing that happened a few months ago. Earlier today, Kate made her second official post-baby appearance at the SportsAid Athlete Workshop at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Being the fun-loving, adorable human being that she is, Kate got right in there to play volleyball with the commoners. Then something magical happened. She raised her arms to hit the ball and her shirt came up to reveal a stomach flatter than the open soda that’s been sitting in my fridge since Monday. That’s right, Kate Middleton showed her middle, and it doesn’t weigh a ton. If only you could all see the over-the-top wink I just did.

Of course there should be no expectation for Kate to look a certain way post-baby, but dayum, that is a flat midriff. But what’s even stranger about this picture is that she revealed her post-baby body with in what looks to be a completely unintentional move without any premeditation. And she didn’t even take a selfie of herself and put it on Instagram. Not only that, but she completely forgot to remind us that the picture has no filter to alter her natural hotness. And Prince William didn’t immediately reply with “I shall go forthwith to ye olde castle!” What is this new method of celebrity? Everything I know about famous post-baby bodies tells me you’re supposed to flaunt them, not happen to show them off in a split second conveniently caught on camera while fully clothed and wedgie-free.

Help me! Everything I’ve ever thought about the world is coming into question. First Austin Mahone posts a non-shirtless hospital picture yesterday and now this? Someone explain this to me immediately before I lose all hope and write the entire existence of the world off as a Jimmy Kimmel prank.

(Photo: i-Images, PacificCoastNews)